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Donations, volunteering, and benefit tournaments make it possible to achieve our mission. Giving back is one of lifes greatest joys and being able to share some very bright moments with those that might have a hard time seeing them is such a vital part of who we are.

At every clinic we host we end the event with a luncheon for the participants and volunteers as part of the overall experience of the day and as a way to cement the bonds of friendship forged during the clinic. Every penny raised by the Joe Grohman Golf Foundation goes towards paying for the cost of these luncheons. All the people involved with The Joe Grohman Golf Foundation, from board members to instructors, are volunteers.

If you would like to make brighter moments possible and want to donate just click on the paypal link below:

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Joe Grohman Golf Foundation
1400 Harmony Lane
Fullerton CA, 92831

Joe Grohman Golf Foundation will then forward you all appropriate tax information for your taxes.

If you would like to contact the foundation regarding donations, volunteering, or fundraising tournaments please fill out the feedback form that we have provided.

Thank You in advance for your donation to Joe Grohman Golf Foundation