Our Mission

We Believe

At Joe Grohman Golf Foundation we believe that golf as a sport and lifestyle provides an array of stimulating challenges and can be played by anyone who is willing to try. It gives an opportunity to meet new people and engage in social activities that develop and strengthen a sense of community and connectedness. It promotes physical and mental well being while reducing stress and positively contributing to the future outlook of the player.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a life changing experience through rehabilitative golf clinics for those that would not normally have the opportunity to engage in the activity and involve the community in all our endeavors. Wounded Warriors, Disabled Veterans, Victims of Stroke, Adult and Junior Blind, and at-risk inner city Youth make up the core of our outreach. This is done through clinics and tournaments held at various golf courses throughout the year that provide the venue with volunteers giving of their time, expertise and support. We feel it is our duty to give back to those that have given so much and to those whom much has been taken. It is a proven fact that hospital patients are known to recover quicker when exposed to pleasant landscape views, physical activity, and positive social interaction. This benefit, combined with the attributes of the game, provide a temporary escape from the pressures of day to day life making golf an extremely useful tool in accomplishing our mission.

Our Vision

To extend our reach Nationwide, offering this opportunity to those that would benefit most. Putting a golf club in the hands of someone who has lost a certain amount of hope due to circumstances beyond their control and restoring that hope by teaching them that they can do it regardless of physical limitations. To bring hope and joy to the less fortunate by showing them a wonderful day involving the greatest game of them all working with and surrounded by people who care.